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Unit of PSA POLYBED® ME-101 Steam Reforming Delivery to Orsk, Russia

2nd quarter 2017
Sea and river freight
Project cargoes transport
Multimodal transportation
Customs clearance
Phortis ltd. performed a full range of freight forwarding services for 560 tons of project cargo delivery, including two heavy lift  packages weighting more than 55 tons, from warehouses in Belgium, Germany and Italy.
The entire cargo load was delivered and consolidated at the port of Chioggia, Italy for the purpose of simultaneous delivery to Rostov-on-Don port by General Cargo vessel.
Then Out-Of-Gauge part of the cargo was delivered by low-bed trailers with carring capacity of 100 tons to the final Consignee in Orsk. Remaining cargo was delivered to Orsk by standart trucks.
The most important condition of this project was the Customs one. Because in order to perform import Customs clearance in Rostov-on-Don, using the preliminary Customs classification permission granted by Customs authorities in record short time – all cargo (2 220 cbm) had to be delivered to Rostov-on-Don as one consignment.
Due to thorough implementation of all conditions, import Customs clearance was performed at the port of Rostov-on-Don with Consignee paying 0% of Import duty.

≈ 2 220 cbm -  Total cargo volume
≈ 560 tons -  Total cargo tonnage
≈ 10 units of Adsorber Vessels (weighting 20 tons each)
≈ 2 units of Valve Skids (weighting 55 tons each)