Project cargoes transport

Transport of project cargoes is a complex logistics solution which takes into account a lot of things e.g. cargo nature, dimensions and weight, time of shipment, transport route and infrastructure, cargo customs clearance etc.

We think, that such job always starts much earlier than actual cargo carriage, but upon customer signing of his foreign trade contract or even earlier. Since, wrong preplanning of the things and estimation of the transport risks, features of the cargo customs clearance can lead to impossibility of contract execution or big financial looses. Our company offers:
- route survey
- development of full logistical concept for carriage of project cargo which takes into account
- cargo dimensions and weight
- special features of transport infrastructure en route
- most suitable solution for cargo customs clearance
- cargo consolidation in case of need
- selection of most suitable sea/river, rail and road tonnage for transportation of the cargo
- getting of all necessary permits en route- provision of transport infrastructure (reinforcement of bridges, building of temporary roads, jetties) en route
- other engineering works.