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Delivery of 5 sets turbogas unit produced by General Electric

Sea and river freight
Project cargoes transport
Multimodal transportation
Customs clearance
Cargo: of 5 sets Gas turbine generator PG 6111 FA

Route: Antwerp, Belgium –  Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Project characteristics: A full range of logistics services for the delivery of equipment, including 10 units Out of gauge from  a warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium to a warehouse in St. Petersburg, Russia. The peculiarity of this project was to customs clearance, which was carried out in the port of St. Petersburg to the payment of the Customer(Consignee) import duty at the rate of 0% and VAT at the rate of 0%. Customs clearance was carried out without obtaining a decision on the classification of Russian Customs, that led to the need to deliver the cargo by each consignment.

Duty and VAT without obtaining a decision on the classification of the FCS
≈ Total tonnage of cargo - 5500 tons
≈ Total weight - 26 000 freight tons
≈ 10 units Out of gauge from 90 up to 150 mts uw