Multimodal transportation

What is behind multimodal shipping?
Multimodal shipping or combined transport is when cargo is being carried to the place of
destination by using different transport modes, without having to change the loading unit. Let
us give you a typical example: The cargo is transported from A to B by air, we move it from B to
C by rail and C is followed by a road move to the place of final stop, let’s say, to your buyer’s

Why is multimodal operation so good for you? Because it involves a single service provider, one
single contract. No third-party organizations involved. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits of
such single approach: less time spent on paperwork, simple route planning processes, faster,
smoother and quality cargo handling.

Route planning of multimodal operations requires not only a professional team but also an
individual approach. Only thus you can receive a solution tailored to your needs. Perishable
goods shall by delivered for long distances by plane though it has relatively high cost. Standard
goods favor more economical transport modes like road or rail shipping. Our professionals plan
transportation routes and schedules effectively. They combine routes in a way that allows you
to decrease the cost of transportation as much as possible, yet receiving high-level
transportation service.

As a rule, raw materials are shipped in containers, lumber is carried by special roll trailers or
eighteen-wheelers. Choosing the right type of transport is also critical to delivery on-time.

Door-to- door service
We organize containerized shipping and multimodal operations. We take full responsibility for
the goods that are in the care of our company. Transportation is professionally managed from
beginning to end. Read further to get to know what we do:

We plan routes of sea, air or road freight in a way that addresses goods characteristics
and real-time events.
We ensure that all types of cargo including oversize, abnormal, flammable, perishable,
fragile or high-value items get the best handling throughout the whole delivery process.
Phortis Ltd. transports virtually everything. We collect little consignments of goods from
different consignors into units and send the consolidated cargo where needed at short
notice. We carry general cargo of any volume as well as complex equipment or extra-
large items.
We guarantee smooth and uninterrupted cooperation between all parties involved in
cargo transportation.
We keep control of your storage needs, by knowing how much space your cargo needs.
Phortis Ltd. provides affordable solutions to fit the size and properties of your goods: shipping
liquids in tanks, shipping with roll trailers or refrigerators.
Customers can apply for satellite-backed cargo tracking and tracing for the safer
transport of goods. As a result, they receive from Phortis Ltd. regular reports on the status of
the goods transported.
We handle customs formalities and take care of all the required documentation at
competitive rates.
We provide our customers with information on various aspects of the logistics industry
and consult them in the field of multimodal shipping solutions.