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Delivery of material supply to PL-16 of Pelyatkinskoye oilfield

Project cargoes transport
Cargo: Various drilling equipment, accessories and supplies, as well as POL for carrying out work in the field, a total about 1700 tons

Route: Krasnoyarsk river port – town Tuhart, base «Fakel» — Pelyatka oilfield PL-16, and base «SGB-6», town Korotchayevo, Novy Urengoy – Pelyatka oilfield PL-16 (Taimyr Autonomous Okrug)

Solutions: Delivery of cargo route from town Korotchayevo to oilfield it amounted to approximately 820 km in the winter and in the Far North. Delivery carried out temporary winter road and passed through Lodochnoe, Vankorskoe and Suzunskoe oilfield. Particularly difficult sections of track delivery time was passing area «Suzun-bereg» - «Tuhart», where motor vehicles had to drive about 140 km. the tundra without any equipped roads. The cargo was delivered in full and on time.