About Company

Welcome to Phortis! 

Phortis Ltd. is up-to-date freight forwarding company. Despite of her present young age, the company is a team of high qualified specialists in freight forwarding and professional transport engineers  with big and good experience of different projects handling (including High and Heavy).

These days, global business is characterized by very high competition, requires quick decisions and does not give the right for the mistakes – the things we perfectly understand and apply in Phortis.
Today, we are glad to offer you the full scope of freight forwarding services.
In these pages you will find  brief view on the company, description of the services we offer, the way we do and the things we did, all necessary contact information and other useful information. Thanks for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully
Phortis Ltd.


countries around the world
hour trip — the longest transportation
cities of Russia
largest customers
Our services

  • Logistic management (3PL)
  • Project management, general logistic provider
  • Development of complex logistical solutions for project cargoes
  • Integrated solutions for cargo consolidation and warehousing including responsible storage of the goods
  • Consultation on foreign trade contract issues, assistance in customs and transport documents issue
  • Cargo customs clearance
  • Management of materials regular supply
  • Deliveries of goods "door to door" bisic
  • Other engineering works