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Delivery of 2 sets of Steam Generators to Belene NPP, Bulgaria

Sea and river freight
Railway transportation
Project cargoes transport
Multimodal transportation
This project included full complex of services for Heavy Lift and Out-of-gauge cargo delivery, using different modes of transport from the Manufacturer’s factory to the Belene NPP site.
At the initial stage of transportation 2 railway transporters with carrying capacity of 500 tons and unique transport accessories were used. Both railway transporters were sent from PJSC “ZIO Podolsk” in one train. Then cargo was delivered to the railway station Serpuhov.
Cargo handling at the Serpuhov railway station was made by portal crane system with carrying capacity 1.100 tons. After completion of discharge steam generators were delivered by 18-axles modular trailer to the temporary berth on the Oka river, built by “Phortis” specialists. Then cargo was loaded using RO-RO method on board of specially equipped barge and shipped to Volgodonsk.
At the specialized berth of “Atommash-Service”, equipped with 2 cranes carrying capacity 600 tons each, steam generators were loaded on board of river-sea vessel of “Dry Cargo” type and then shipped to NPP Belene without any reloading operations.
Transit route was schemed passing Tsimlyanskoe storage reservoir, VDNK, Rostov-on-Don Port (for export customs formalities), the Azov Sea, the Black Sea, the port of Constanta, Romania (issuing transit declaration), the Danube river.
Total transit time of cargo delivery from PJSC “ZIO Podolsk” to the NPP Belene site was 56 days.
The special challenge of this project was the extreme drop of water level in the Oka and Danube rivers, which required the utmost concentration at each stage of the project of transportation in order to avoid even the slightest loss of time.