Phortis Ltd. offers cargo shipping on road to any destination in Europe, Russia
and other CIS countries. We carry import and export freight, truckload freight, LTL cargo, bulk,
abnormal, oversized items and other types of loads. Route planning based on the
characteristics of your cargo is part of our job. We set up individual routes to reduce shipping

There are many advantages of road transport in comparison to other transport modes:

Road transport is flexible. Routes and timings can be adjusted and changed without
much inconvenience depending on traffic flows, road conditions or weather factors.
Shipping by road is the best option to carry goods to and from remote places or rural
regions of Russia or Europe, which are not served by rail, water or air transport.
If the consignment, for example, perishable goods, must be delivered quickly and/or for
short distance, road transport is more suited than air transport. Furthermore, road
freight is a far cheaper option than air freight.
Almost all trucks have navigation and traffic signal control systems, which allows us to
follow the route of consignment in real time and avoid pilferage.
Another great advantage of road transport is that it provides door-to- door service.
More than that, road transportation of goods, project or oversized cargo requires much less
capital investment in comparison with other shipping types.

Our professions are there to provide shipping solutions best suited to meet your needs. We
bring cargo of all types to any Russian or European destination at affordable rates. The
following services are all part of our portfolio:
- arrangement of road transports from EU countries to Russia and CIS states
- dangerous goods transport
- transportation of the cargoes which require special transport regime
- transportation of oversized and overweight cargoes
- road survey for transportation of oversized and overweight cargoes
-  getting of all necessary permits en route
- consulting on transport and cargo customs documents issue
- cargo insurance on customers demand