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Delivery of 4 sets of Steam Generators to the Energy Unit №2 of Belarusian NPP

Sea and river freight
Railway transportation
Project cargoes transport
Multimodal transportation
The uniqueness of this project lay in the fact that the transportation had been carried out by 2 loaded railway transporters with carrying capacity of 500 tons being a part of one train. The transit time of this shipment is considered to be record, taking into account the particularity of the Russian Railways.
This project included the following stages of transportation:
- trucking by modular trailers in Volgodonsk to the Atommash specialy equipped berth,
- river transportation by route Volgodonsk – Velikiy Novgorod by barge, re-equipped for RO-RO handling,
- trucking by modular trailers from RO-RO berth at the Volkhov river to Novgorod-na-Volkhove railway station,
- the largest and the most complicated stage of shipment: railway transportation by 2 articulated railway transporters ТСЧ-500К with carrying capacity of 500 tons by route Novgorod-na-Volkhove railway station – Bobrowniki railway station (Belarusian railway),
- and final stage: cargo transportation to the energy unit №2 of Belarusian NPP by modular trailers.

≈ Total cargo tonnage 1 380, 533 tons
≈ Gross weight of each Steam Generator 335 tons
≈ Dimensions of the largest package 14,1м * 5,7м * 5,23м